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Denon Professional DN-V755 Network Audio/Video Player is Making Its Mark - And Making a Difference

The DN-V755 offers an advanced solution for a wide range of digital information needs, from medical to commercial to sports applications

INFOCOMM, ANAHEIM, CA, June 19,2007 - The Denon Professional DN-V755 Digital Audio Video Player is proving itself to be the ideal choice for those who need a digital audio/video player that integrates smoothly in any networked application. A wide range of professional applications illustrate how well the DN-V755 can perform while offering the highest quality video, audio and messaging capability.

The Cammisa Chiropractic and Wellness Center, located in Naperville, IL, had made an effort to go beyond the typical doctor’s office magazine rack. The Center had installed a 32-inch plasma screen to play health and wellness informational slideshows to waiting patients. However, the slideshow had the potential to freeze up the office’s computer. When Dr. Perry Cammisa, the Center’s Owner, learned of the DN-V755’s ability to play hours of DVD quality MPEG-2 video, along with, MPEG-4 video and JPEG images, as well as WAV, MP3 or MP2 audio from its internal 40-GB hard drive, he saw the solution and upgraded his system. Noting the DN-V755’s powerful feature set and its ease of use, Dr. Cammisa observed, “Once we understood what the DN-V755 could do, we had the ability to market to the new patient. We know why our patients come to us, so, we set the screen to show information related to the patient’s condition. It’s easy to change the sequence of what is playing — easier than cutting and pasting in PowerPoint.”

The digital signage at Remington Park Racetrack in Oklahoma City, OK features daily live simulcast racing, and is also used to alert patrons to promotions and specials at the track’s restaurant. In order to cost-effectively expand the capabilities of its signage, the racetrack asked Sport View Technologies how they could add flexible playback capability. Frank Breen, Senior Audio Engineer for Sport View Technologies recommended the DN-V755. “From the time the player was put into the rack to first trial run from the editing guy, it was only about two and a half hours,” said Breen, remarking on the DN-V755’s ease of installation and use. The player’s versatility is also an appealing feature to Breen. “It’s a small device that sits in the rack in the broadcasting center and connects to the system,” he said. “It could be playing two floors down or installed in the ceiling and connect to the screens.”
At the recently constructed Pelican Beach Resort, in Pelican Beach, FL, plasma screens are used to demonstrate the beauty of Florida with picturesque features of the Sunshine State. As visitors walk through the lobby and enter the elevator, the presentation turns from resort highlights to key selling points of the condominium.

The Denon Professional DN-V755 was the visual messaging equipment chosen to play the video highlighting the features of the model condominium the visitor is about to enter. Paul Bell, an owner of AV contracting company A.R.T. Inc., the company which specializes in installations of synchronizing sound, lighting, video and Jim O'Connell, of the PR firm O’Connell & Goldberg, jointly created a media promotion strategy that utilizes the DN-V755’s strengths. For instance, the elevators that transport visitors to the model condo are equipped with screen panels that introduce and explain the benefits of the property. Because this was the first property that required visitors to travel to the models, Bell had to find a media player that would display a continuing loop of information, with an easy method of pausing to present sales information about the model. “The really cool part of the DN-V755 is with the touch of a button, the loop of video continually playing can drop out and begin to play tour guide.” Bell continued, “The DN-V755 has the control to play something continually until you need your special part of the video to begin to play.” The video tour guide has proven to be an effective sales method for this type of real estate and the DN-V755 has made this highly technical venture an uncomplicated project and promotional success.

About the Denon Professional DN-V755
The DN-V755 Digital Audio Video Player features built-in software and is accessible over the network from any web-enabled computer. With a 40 GB internal hard drive, the DN-V755 features Automatic IP search (DHCP, APIPA) and can play hours of DVD quality MPEG-2 video, along with, MPEG-4 video and JPEG images. It also plays WAV, MP3 or MP2 audio at a variety of quality levels and includes Parallel remote control, Serial and Ethernet control, a real-time clock for scripted/automatic playback of A/V files, S-Video and Composite (RCA) video outputs and unbalanced (RCA) stereo audio outputs.


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